Before contacting the Trust Manager, please follow the guidance below to see if your question can be answered from our website.

You should find most answers to questions you may have about grants in the Grants menu. Eligibility criteria and the types of grant/work we support are under Grant-making policy (and we publish lists of previous awardees under Previous grants); information about the application process and deadlines is under Application process; and access to the online application form is under Apply. You can download the questions from there too, before you start.

The application form includes ‘help’ text to assist you in which all commonly asked questions are addressed.

Please do not contact the Trust to ask if the Trustees would be interested in receiving an application. The only way to find out if the Trustees would like to receive an application is to submit an application – as long as it meets the eligibility criteria, of course – we do not pre-screen potential applications.

If you are enquiring about the success of your application at our most recent meeting, please click here for information.


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