COVID-19 announcement

The Trust office is currently closed, but administration is being carried out as normal from home. Please do not leave any phone messages on the Trust’s voice mail as they will not be picked up; use the website contact form instead. Please do not send hard copies of anything through the post. Digital copies may be emailed to the Trust Manager.

The effect of COVID-19 on the operations of the Trust is minimal, but it is receiving a larger-than-usual number of emails and, since February, the volume of applications has more than doubled. This means the success rate is much reduced and is currently running at under 4%.

The Trust’s response to the outbreak is being kept under regular review. Some exceptional grants were made in the first few weeks of the crisis but we are now operating ‘business as usual’ in terms of procedures and timescales, which are detailed in the Grants menu. Any temporary changes to our policy will be announced on this page.

Special arrangements for Luton-based applicants seeking grants of £5,000 or less
The Trust is a contributor to the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation’s (BLCF) coordinated funding response to COVID-19. For that reason, Luton-based applicants seeking funding of £5,000 or less should apply to the BLCF first. The second phase of that fund is in the final stages of development and its launch will be announced on the BLCF website. If such an application is unsuccessful, then you may apply to The Steel Charitable Trust.

Luton-based applicants seeking funding of more than £5,000 may apply to The Steel Charitable Trust in the normal way.

Last updated: 21st October 2020

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